Unilife.it Challenges Facebook in Italy

September 26, 2006 at 10:38 am Leave a comment

unilife.JPG To say the least, social network sites have become impressively popular in recent times. The competition is fierce and the popularity is insane. We have spent some time in September reporting about various social networking sites including Facebook and Assusie focused StudentFace. We had the opportunity to speak with Unilife.it, a social network site focusing just on Italian students and we hope you find the read informative.

TechAddress: Tell me a bit about your company, what it does and what’s your value proposition?

Unilife.it: We want to build useful web applications to let even non-tech-savvy people enjoy the power of the Web. At the moment we’re working on a social networking website for the Italian university world with the aim to change the way communication is managed inside Italian universities.

TechAddress: What makes your company stand apart from your competitors?

Unilife.it: Related to our first product (http://www.unilife.it/), we are Italians and in college, so we know what we’re talking about, we’re not trying to exploit a market. We’re trying to make our life as students, thus the life of every Italian student, a bit better; we’d like to enrich the college experience.

TechAddress: What are some of the main features?

Unilife.it: You can meet new people, create groups to connect with people sharing your interests or to share notes and info about a class. You can put notices on the board, upload unlimited photos and files and communicate with your friends.

TechAddress: Who’s your target customer or audience?

Unilife.it: College students, teachers, Ph.Ds, alumni and administrative staff. Of course, they must be from Italy.

TechAddress: Any new things in particular that you’re working on right now?

Unilife.it: We’re working on ways to improve the overall experience and to differentiate ourselves from our competitions.

TechAddress: Where do you see your company heading in the future?

Unilife.it: We’d like to be a the one-stop shop for all the college needs.

TechAddress: Any negative feedback or criticism regarding technology and services?

Unilife.it: So far, so good.

TechAddress: So what would you say is the guiding principle behind your company?

Unilife.it: Keep it simple…and focus on what’s really useful.

TechAddress: What is the mission of your company and what are you bringing to the market that is innovative?

Unilife.it: The Italian Web scene is still feeling a bit clunky. It seems difficult for it to get off. We want to take a breath of fresh air here, too.

TechAddress: Where are you in terms of funding and your lifecycle?

Unilife.it: We’re just getting started so we’re planning for some debts and know we’ll have to work hard to get to the break-even, but we’re hopeful about it given the quality of our product.

TechAddress: If your technology or service is not formally launched yet, when’s the launch date?

Unilife.it: It was launched to the public a couple of weeks ago.



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