Interview with Oleg Tscheltzoff of Citizenbay – Provider of Local Media

October 2, 2006 at 9:08 am 2 comments
We recently had the opportunity to speak with Oleg Tscheltzoff of Citizenbay, which is an online provider of local media. The site has an impressive list of features and is marked as having the potential of being an extremely successful site in a very short amount of time. We hope you enjoy the interview. You can find other articles about Citizenbay here.

TechAddress: Tell me a bit about your company, what it does and what’s your value proposition?

Citizenbay: is an online Local media on a Global level. It is entirely created, edited and produced by its users. It is structured by channels of local information. Initial channels are Local News, Local Commerce and Local Happenings Unlike other user content generated websites offer a program to pay the top 10 articles in each city covered everyday ( 80 city in USA and France at launch). So it means that 800 articles will be rewarded with money every day. The readers decide by their votes which articles deserve the reward. Rewards goes from 1$ if it’s a seeded news to 15 $ if its an original article. There are no limits in amounts of news that can be posted everyday.

TechAddress: What makes your company stand apart from your competitors?

Citizenbay: have a different kind of information, it covers all kind local information. Macro local information (which can be found on the local newspapers ) but also Micro local information that nowadays cant be found elsewhere ( for example neighborhood or community news or events). Also reward with money the top 10 articles in each city covered, daily.

TechAddress: What are some of the main features?

Citizenbay: Ability to easily and freely post information, to localize it, to navigate by geography, by city but also by region and country. Ability to attach medias to each post (photos, videos, podcast). Collaborative tools to comment, vote or share a posts. Possibility to create Reading lists, Archives. Navigation by: tags, categories, geography.

TechAddress: Who’s your target customer or audience?

Citizenbay: Everyone who considers internet is lacking of local, fresh and accurate Local information such as Local news, Local commerce information, Local happenings. It’s a very large and mass audience.

TechAddress: Any new things in particular that you’re working on right now?

Citizenbay: On launching the site but also already on other features, like social networking features that will be added in V2.

TechAddress: Where do you see your company heading in the future?

Citizenbay: To become a worldwide Local media on a Global level

TechAddress: So what would you say is the guiding principle behind your company?

Citizenbay: Life is local and we are trying to bring a useful tool on the internet to make it better

TechAddress: What is the mission of your company and what are you bringing to the market that is innovative?

Citizenbay: Citizenbay is user generated, social, collaborative and feature rich online service of searching , sharing and producing all kind of Local Information.

TechAddress: Where are you in terms of funding and your lifecycle?

Citizenbay: Self funded. We will be looking for 1st round financing soon

TechAddress: If your technology or service is not formally launched yet, when’s the launch date?

Citizenbay: Next week (starting October 2, 2006) but we already accept emails on

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