Interview with Joe Collins, CEO of VaporStream

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Below is an interview with Joe Collins, CEO of VaporStream Stream Messaging. We hope you find the interview informative and useful. Please visit their website and check it out! You can also view their demo at

TechAddress: Tell me a bit about your company, what it does and what’s your value proposition?

Void Communications: Void Communications is the creator of VaporStream stream messaging, the world’s first completely recordless electronic communications system. By separating the message header from the message body, VaporStream provides users with a private and confidential electronic communications system that never leaves a record on any computer or server. VaporStream messages cannot be forwarded, copied, printed or saved. A complement to e-mail, VaporStream reduces the risks and costs associated with most e-mail and instant messaging systems.



TechAddress: What makes your company stand apart from your competitors?

Void Communications: Void Communications’ patent-pending VaporStream technology is the first and only truly recordless electronic communications system. The ability to separate a message header from a message body ensures that a record is never created and helps VaporStream stand a part from similar solutions.

TechAddress: What are some of the main features?

Void Communications: There are several features that enable VaporStream users to send private, confidential and recordless electronic messages, including:

Recordless-VaporStream stream messages never leave a record on any computer or server.

Private & Confidential-Empowering users with the ability to send secure, private and confidential electronic messages, VaporStream fosters creativity and open discussions.

Spam & Virus Free-Stream messages are sent and received in the private VaporStream system and are therefore not susceptible to spam and viruses.

Mobile Device Support-VaporStream Mobile provides users with the ability to send and receive VaporStream stream messages on a mobile device. VaporStream Mobile will be available in November 2006.

Ease of Use & Simple Interface-VaporStream’s simple, Web-based interface informs users of additional VaporStream members in their personal network and provides instant notices when a new VaporStream message arrives.

For VaporStream Enterprise users:

Administrator Controls & Customer Service-Business and government organizations can use VaporStream’s administrative controls to bulk load user lists and set up an administrative management dashboard.

Education Services-Void has developed a working relationship with the ePolicy Institute and its Executive Director, Nancy Flynn, to provide VaporStream Enterprise clients with best-practices-based guidelines and training for the proper use of recordless electronic communication.

TechAddress: Who’s your target customer or audience?

Void Communications: The target customers for VaporStream are corporate enterprise users and general consumers, both of which need the ability to send private and confidential electronic messages. Currently, Void is focusing the growth of the VaporStream business in the corporate enterprise market. In the past week, the company has spoken with more than 40 enterprise customer prospects in industries ranging from manufacturing, media/publications, healthcare, law firms, banks, colleges/universities and large membership organizations.

TechAddress: Any new things in particular that you’re working on right now?

Void Communications: Void is currently working on new features for the VaporStream stream messaging system, including the VaporStream Mobile product for use on Blackberries and other wireless devices. VaporStream Mobile will be available in late November.

TechAddress: Where do you see your company heading in the future?

Void Communications: We see VaporStream as the future of online communications. It is the next step in the evolution of electronic communication that began with e-mail, moved to IM and will now go to another level once again with VaporStream recordless communications.

TechAddress: Any negative feedback or criticism regarding technology and services?

Void Communications: Our enterprise customer prospects seem genuinely excited about using VaporStream within their organization, as they clearly see the benefits it offers in the form of reduced e-mail volumes and ensured privacy & confidentiality. However, a handful of online communities have expressed concern over the potential misuse of the VaporStream system. However, VaporStream can be viewed as the online equivalent to a phone conversation and the company will be legally compliant with any government regulations, warrants or mandates. In the end, VaporStream provides the good guys with the privacy and confidentiality they have long deserved.

TechAddress: So what would you say is the guiding principle behind your company?

Void Communications: The guiding principle behind Void and the VaporStream stream messaging system is the desire to provide individuals with the ability to send secure, private and confidential messages online. VaporStream brings a private, in-person conversation to the Web, providing users with the freedom to express their thoughts and conduct more open, creative discussions.

TechAddress: What is the mission of your company and what are you bringing to the market that is innovative?

Void Communications: Void’s mission is to bring privacy and confidentiality to online communications. Its innovative and patent-pending VaporStream technology makes this mission a reality by separating VaporStream message headers from message bodies, never creating a record.

TechAddress: Where are you in terms of funding and your lifecycle?

Void Communications: Founded in 2005, Void Communications is in its seed round of funding.

TechAddress: If your technology or service is not formally launched yet, when’s the launch date?

Void Communications: Void Communications’ VaporStream stream messaging system successfully launched on September 25, 2006 at the DEMOfall 2006 conference.



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