Interview with Alex Bard, founder and CEO of Goowy Media

December 1, 2006 at 3:33 pm 1 comment

Below is an interview with Alex Bard, founder and CEO of Goowy Media. We hope you find the interview informative and useful. Please visit their website and check it out! You can also view a demo at:

TechAddress: Tell me a bit about your company, what it does and what’s your value proposition?

Goowy: Goowy Media develops innovative online products and services that provide simple, intuitive tools for communicating and sharing on the Web. Its two consumer services, yourminis and the Goowy Webtop, have received high acclaim and are being used by people from all over the world to manage their digital lifestyle.

Headquarted in San Diego, Goowy Media was formed in 2004 by four Internet veterans who have been friends and colleagues for more than a decade: Alex Bard, Gary Benitt, Jeremy Suriel and Sashi Bommakanty. The company has received funding from Mark Cuban and has been named the “site of the day” by Adobe two times in the past year.

yourminis ( is a personalized dashboard (start page) of multimedia minis (widgets) that provides instant access to your Internet tasks, information and entertainment in one place, including checking email, weather, traffic and news, accessing your calendar, browsing photos and videos, listening to music and more. yourminis also allows you to share your dashboard with friends and family, making it the easiest and most fun way to enjoy and share personalized content across the Internet.

The Goowy Webtop offers a desktop-like environment inside of a browser with advanced applications for communicating and sharing including email, contacts, calendaring, instant messaging, file storage, minis (widgets), games and more. The Goowy Notifier feature alerts the user via the desktop of any new mail or other activity.


TechAddress: What makes your company stand apart from your competitors?

Goowy: We believe experience matters. We focus a lot of our time ensuring that we can deliver a simple, innovative experience for our users across both of our products. We also focus on more multimedia, and personalization than a lot of our competitors. We believe in creating dynamic applications which offer our members immersive experiences for managing their digital lifestyles.

TechAddress: What are some of the main features?

yourminis is a customizable personal dashboard

· Personalized dashboard gives you immediate access to your Internet tasks, information and entertainment all in one place – from anywhere

o Create and name multiple tabs to organize by subject or other criteria

o Select personalized tab backgrounds and layouts

o Personalize the size and shape of every mini

· Media rich minis give direct access to content from all over the Internet

o Read email, access calendar and manage to-dos

o Check weather, traffic & news on all topics

o Browse Flickr photos & YouTube videos

o Add your favorite RSS feeds from anywhere

o Search using top search engines as well as eBay and Amazon

o Listen to featured podcasts like Diggnation & ESPN Radio

o Watch videos like Rocketboom & vSocial

yourminis provides broader access and vast choices

Access yourminis in a variety of ways choosing the one that makes most sense for you:

· Make yourminis your browser start page each time you log on to the Internet

· Install as a browser extension

o Brings up yourminis in “heads up display” mode with Firefox, Flock and Internet Explorer

o Automatically identifies and gives you one-click options for RSS, audio, photos, videos, social networks, microformats and more, while browsing to allow instant addition to the dashboard for updates and easy viewing, listening and sharing

o Layers over existing web page to allow quick checking of yourminis while browsing the Internet

· Desktop client (coming soon)

yourminis is the easiest way to publish and share personal content

· Create a personalized tab of minis and share with others via simple URL

· One-click publishing of yourminis allows you to add published minis as a badge on your blog or social network

· Explore the vibrant community of yourminis tabs to find, rate, comment on and share public tabs
Offers a series of tools for communicating and sharing including Outlook-like email client, contacts, calendar, integrated instant messaging, file storage, games and minis.


TechAddress: Who’s your target customer or audience?

Goowy: We develop our products so that they are simple to use and intuitive. We have people from all over the world and of all different demographics using our applications as part of their daily online life.

TechAddress: Any new things in particular that you’re working on right now?

Goowy: For yourminis we are working on a community aspect for sharing tabs which will go live sometime next week. You can publish tabs into the community and then people in the community can find, rate, comment on and add your tabs to their dashboards. In addition we are going to release APIs shortly so that external developers can build widgets for the platform.

For Goowy we are releasing a series of new features this week including photos of your contacts, in messages, inline thumbnails of pictures in email, download multiple attachments, and more. In the next few weeks we will be releasing mail rules, lazy loading of messages and a faster more robust email front end.

TechAddress: Where do you see your company heading in the future?

Goowy: We are going to continue to evolve our current offerings as well as listen to our community to develop applications that help users manage their digital lifestyle online. It is a very exciting time and the support and feedback from our community has been tremendous and has helped us define our company roadmap.

TechAddress: Any negative feedback or criticism regarding technology and services?

Goowy: I think every company has challenges as they scale and deploy products in real time. The companies that survive and thrive are the ones that are responsive to their members, and constantly work on optimizing their product or service. We are one of those companies and work very closely with our members to offer them the best possible experience.

TechAddress: So what would you say is the guiding principle behind your company?

Goowy: Have fun, build products that are relevant and create value for members, work with people you like.

TechAddress: What is the mission of your company and what are you bringing to the market that is innovative?

Goowy: Our mission is to make people’s online life easier, more intuitive, and simple. We help people consume and share information more effectively.

TechAddress: Where are you in terms of funding and your lifecycle?

Goowy: We raised a series A of financing at the end of 2005 from Mark Cuban (owner Dallas Mavericks, HDNet, 2929 studios, Landmark Theaters and more). He has been a great influence on the company and has really helped us shape our vision.

TechAddress: If your technology or service is not formally launched yet, when’s the launch date? If you have already launched, when was your launch date?

Goowy: Both of our services are live…check them out at and



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