Seattle-based SynapseLife bets peers want to be more productive

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TechAddress would like to thank SynapseLife for the opportunity to post the following information prior to its official realase:


Staying Connected Has Never Been Easier

Seattle-based SynapseLife bets peers want to be more productive

Seattle, WA (January 10, 2006) – Chances are your teenager, sibling, or workmates are using Facebook, MySpace, or another Internet social network on a daily basis. In this virtual civilization, they can message back and forth, peek into the world of others, and generally experience another existence.

The majority of contenders in this arena are designing their web products to provide entertainment to their users. While there is no question that entertainment sells, what else can this new and creative medium provide?

— Enter SynapseLife!


SynapseLife is the brainchild of Mark Michael and Daniel Rust, based out of Seattle, Washington. And they are betting that their peers need everyday web/mobile tools to complement their online social use.

Since originally launching SynapseLife October 2006 as a free product the young company quickly gained popularity in over 34 countries worldwide, with 75 percent of its users residing in the United States. Users were immediately enthused by its enhanced group of web-based applications for managing their personal, contact, and favorite information.

With SynapseLife users can easily upload their contacts, favorites, calendars events, and a variety of other useful information from their computers, and have access to it from any Internet-ready device. They can set up RSS feeds, access their email, create a budget, communicate and share information.

With its Phase 2 release scheduled for January 10, 2007, they have enhanced the package to allow sharing of information, expanded its tagging and search features, and have added a variety of other new and innovative features.

One of its most creative additions includes an option for launching a browser toolbar for sharing of information between other social networking applications and SynapseLife. The toolbar currently supports interface with, with ability to share with other popular social networks to soon follow.

“The primary focus of this update is to expand our user’s capability to complement their experiences with social networks,” explained Mark Michael. “This fills a gap, since other community projects seem to have neglected to offer their user’s functional applications that allow them to manage their everyday lives.”

“We initially focused on providing a interface for our toolbar, because our users requested it, and Facebook has a large market penetration,” explains Daniel Rust, SynapseLife’s Chief Architect. “We will then start to tackle interface with the other popular network applications.”

SynapseLife has gained their quick notoriety primarily through exposure on many of the Internet’s most popular technical blogs, such as and Business 2.0, with several providing review of the initial SynapseLife product and interviews with its developers.

“We expect that with launch of the Phase 2 release, that our current user base will expand impressively within a matter of weeks,” says Mark Michael. “This is the pattern we have seen in the past, and expect the major enhancements included in the Phase 2 release to stimulate similar excitement.”

Currently SynapseLife is a free product, and both its developers have stated that it will always include a free component. Users can start using SynapseLife simply going to and setting up an account. Its simple and no software needs downloaded to your device.




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